The long silence is broken – by withching drumming! /

Indeed, it is time to give a small update on how things are progressing
with Alghazanth. As most of you probably remember, there were some line-up
adjustments made right after Vinum Intus. As a consequence, Thasmorg is
now handling both the vocal duties and the bass. We also have fresh blood
in the band as Mordant has joined our ranks to take care of the guitar
work alongside Grimort.

Like the headline already hinted, the recording process of our seventh
full-length album is currently on-going. The drum tracks were captured on
virtual reels last weekend and the rest of the instruments and other
gimmicks will be immortalized over an undefined period of time. We’re
hoping to get everything done by summer, but with a loose schedule like
this and with all those unexpected setbacks looming behind every corner
you just can’t say for sure. We will keep you posted on how everything
evolves. Until next update, keep the banner black!

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