Alghazanth - Eight Coffin Nails

Alghazanth Eight Coffin Nails

26.3.2018 Eight Coffin Nails CDs available

Eight Coffin Nails CDs are available directly from the band as well.

Digipak (including p&p):
Finland 13€
Europe 14€ (priority shipping)
RoW 14€ (economy shipping)

Jewelcase (including p&p):
Finland 13€
Europe 15€ (priority shipping)
RoW 16€ (economy shipping)

We also have some copies of our three previous albums available, so it's good to bear in mind that when ordering more than one CD there will be a rather significant drop in shipping costs per item (three digipaks or two jewelcases can be shipped for the postage costs of one, and so forth).

Orders and inquiries:

7.3.2018 Old blood on stage

As Ekholm, the keyboard wizard on our previous three albums, left our pack a year ago, we recruited Trollhorn to lay down session synths for the album. However, we still needed to figure out how to go about all this when it comes to playing live. We are pleased to inform you that Alghazanth's original keyboardist, A. Simonen, will join us for these very last gigs we'll do.

1.3.2018 Pre-orders are now up

Woodcut Records has commenced the pre-order period for Eight Coffin Nails. Pre-order includes digipak and jewelcase CDs along with shirt bundle options for both formats. To order, go here:

13.1.2018 The funeral album has been completed

Alghazanth's eighth and final full-length album was mastered today at Virtalähde Mastering. It will be released by Woodcut Records on CD (digipak and jewelcase) on the 31st of March with the vinyl version following sometime in the summer. The album consists of a bit over 50 minutes of Alghazanth's trademark majestic black metal and we are confident that it will mark a worthy ending in flames for a band with 22 years under its belt.

1. Self-exiled
2. Facing the North
3. Aureate Water
4. The Upright Road
5. At Their Table
6. The Foe of Many Masks
7. Twice Eleven
8. Pohjoinen
9. To Flames the Flesh

Two sample tracks from the album can be listened to behind the following links:
Facing the North (Youtube)
The Foe of Many Masks (Youtube)


31.3.2018 - Tampere, Easter Bash

7.4.2018 - Oulu, Rites of North IV

19.5.2018 - Hyvinkää, Steelfest

9.6.2018 - Jyväskylä, Wormwood MC (private funeral)