The end is nigh /

We just returned from a little weekend trip to Kuopio where we recorded the drum and bass tracks for our upcoming full-length album. So yes, the big wheels are now in motion. The rest of the instruments will be recorded during the autumn. We’re probably looking at a February release, but the actual release date has not yet been set in stone.

This will be our final record and, without boasting too much, we can safely say that it will be a worthy ending in flames for Alghazanth.

Near-news & literature /

As you may have noticed, our eight full-length album is still yet to emerge from the shadows. We have all the songs written but we’re not ready to record them just yet. We’re also one keyboardist short now as Ekholm decided to call it quits recently due to his lack of motivation. So, we also need to solve that issue before diving into the deep end with the recordings. But rest assured, we’re not stuck in a limbo, and the album will take flesh in the not-so-distant future.

In other news, here’s something interesting for you non-Finnish folks out there:

Last year a metal journalist Tero Ikäheimonen released the first ever book about Finnish black metal and now is time for a full English-translated version of that opus! The hardcover +500 pages book is entitled “The Devil’s Cradle: The Story of Finnish Black Metal”. You can place your pre-order at Record Shop X website and the book will be shipped to you around the release date in June 6th.

The interviews are truly in-depth and informative as well as entertaining, so don’t miss out on this one!

2016 is upon us /

As a brand new year has now dawned, it is high time to give you a brief update on what’s happening with Alghazanth. Yes, we have been working on new material. It has been a very slow process due to various different obstacles, but there has been some progress nonetheless. We have a handful of songs that we need to hone further + we still have lots of loose ideas floating around. At this point, it is far too early to give any exact dates or anything like that, but you can rest assured that album number eight is, indeed, very much looming behind the horizon. We will keep you posted on how things evolve.

In the meanwhile, you have a great opportunity to see Alghazanth live with Moonsorrow in Helsinki on April 1st. This will be our only live show before recording the next album. Tickets can be purchased behind the following link:

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